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Do you want someone stone dead, forever?
Bounty hunting on WinterOT is legal, if you want someone's face gone from the planet, don't hesitate to place a bounty on their head.
Once a bounty is placed on your target, a message will be broadcasted to the whole server informing that you have placed a bounty on your target.
General Information
Command: !hunt player, gold/coins, amount
Gold Coins !hunt John, gold, 100000
Adds a bounty on the player named John worth 100,000 gold coins.
Coins !hunt John, coins, 10
Adds a bounty on the player named John worth 10 coins.

Bounty List
Hunted by Reward Player Hunted Outfit Killed by
Dhirak 10,000,000 gold coins John
> Still Alive! <
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

    1- Action (2)
    2- Embere (1)
    3- John (1)
    4- Kazimierz Mytych (1)
    5- King Shado (1)

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    1- John
(10,000,000 gold coins)
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Last Updated: 2021.03.07 07:36

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