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The WinterOT team has worked hard to implement new and unique events to the game and other various thrilling systems to the game.
Below is a list of the distinctive systems which have been added.


  • ◦ To keep the community thrilling with competition, WinterOT implemented rewards for playing.
    Securing a place on our highscores guarantees you with a reward containing money. The amount
    will be determined on the amount of active players with the minimum prize containing $250 for the first place.
    Golden Accounts benefit from a 20% higher experience gain rate, faster health and mana regeneration,
    30% more capacity, daily premium rewards, 200 more maximum soul points,
    ability to purchase free furniture from the game store
    ◦ Added a possibility to Exchange WinterOT coins for real life money
    ◦ Added Instanced Dungeons which allow you to hunt in peace
    ◦ Removed cooldowns from spells - UE and Exori Gran have a 6 and 4 second cooldown
    ◦ Added new custom runes and improved the effectiveness ofConjured (self-made) runes
    New items designed for 500-600 levels
    ◦ Possibility to improve your character with Magic and Skill stones
    ◦ Plenty of new custom items with great resistance to elements
    Level rewards at certain milestones
    ◦ Added custom Wars for guilds which are ready to spill blood
    ◦ Mount Doll which grants the player with a mount of his choice
    ◦ Reworked the fishing system, compelling items are now possible to be fished out
    ◦ Stamina and Skull Remover dolls
    ◦ Many new intriguing Commands
    ◦ Added a quiver which can be used by paladins to store their ammunition
    ◦ Enchanted Rare items which can drop from every single monster
    ◦ Addon Doll which grants the player with an outfit of his choice along with both addons
    Craftable potions which grant benefits upon consumption
    ◦ Boosted party hunt for 4 different classes
    ◦ Knights can use strong mana potions
    ◦ Added newExciting Spells from 400 levels onwards
    ◦ A frequently hosted Lottery
    ◦ Many hidden mini quests and items on our map
    ◦ Added new thrilling Hunting Tasks and a new task system
    ◦ Main quests have been unlocked
    ◦ Riding on mount everywhere even in Protection Zones
    Treasure chests spawn randomly on the map where they can be opened with a treasure key
    Prestige system responsible for the account's luxuries
    ◦ Added a casino system
    ◦ Old and beloved mana shield and utito tempo
    Bounty Hunting system along with recognizing Top Fraggers
    ◦ Altered the real Map - Explore the new-old Map that everyone knows and loves again
    ◦ Many new custom NPC's
    Teleport to your House, or a random house if you don't own one with an item at every single depot
    ◦ Houses have a new refreshed meaning along with newly built buildings
    ◦ Added the possibility to build your own custom house upon reaching the last prestige reward
    ◦ Increased the amount of monsters present at hunting grounds
    ◦ Refreshed old and forgotten hunting grounds with a new life
    ◦ Possibility to gain experience through other means than hunting
    ◦ Brotherhood and Nightmare factions which exchange demonic essences for rare items
    ◦ Boosted party hunt for 4 different classes
    ◦ Added Mini-bosses which spawn randomly on the map
    ◦ Many new Outfits
  • Uniqe Systems:

  • Prestige
    Skill Enchantment
    Bounty Hunting
    Level Rewards
    Rare Items
    Exchange Money
    House Teleport
  • Events:

  • Large number of daily events to keep you busy and entertained at all times

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